Competences, services

3_waterOur clients’ needs determine how much we are involved in the professional tasks related to a given activity. In accordance with this, professional management, system engineering and administrative project management are all parts of our repertoire, similarly to full-scale project management services. Our contribution to a given project and our cooperation with the clients’ organizational units or partners are always determined by what the given project is like.

We participate in each professional aspect of the project life cycle to the extent the client demands:

  • Administrative project management (engineering, task distribution, implementation tracking)
  • Professional management services in line with the negotiated competences
  • Problem analysis, preparation of management proposals
  • Search for and analysis of alternate solutions
  • Professional consulting services
  • Implementation, preparation of the related documentation

Our scope of activities embraces the entire life cycle of a project’s implementation:

  • Establishment of project-methodology-based operation, preparation of project documentations
  • Preparation of the requirement specification
  • Preparation of an implementation plan, system selection
  • Preparation of the functional specification
  • Systems design (architecture and infrastructure design, preparation of technical specifications)
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Data cleansing and migration
  • Start-up, roll-out support